Spoken Word and Story

Abe Nouk | Candy Royalle | Mathas | Donna Jacobs-Sife | Keren Gila Raiter | Jaya Penelope | Jesse the Wind Wanderer | Jenny Hill | Tealeaf Troubadors | Linda Bradbury | Yann Touissant | Lucy Dougan | Virginia Jealous | Caroline Caddy | Renee Pettit-Schipp | Anna Minska

Spoken Word is scattered throughout the Festival in performance, workshops, the hand-made Mongolian Story-Telling Yurt and special sessions.

Writers’ sessions include:

Bridges and Boundaries

Four accomplished and well-travelled Australian poets – Yann Toussaint, Lucy Dougan, Virginia Jealous and Caroline Caddy – circle the thought that  ‘everywhere is here; here is everywhere,’ exploring the different roles which place can play in the poetry of our lives. Language is a bridge and language is a boundary.

with Caroline Caddy, Lucy Dougan, Virginia Jealous and Yann Toussaint Presented by Hallowell Press at St Leonard’s Anglican Church, Saturday Afternoon. Entry via Festival ticket.

Poetry, Wine & Cheese

Sunset with words and wine… join writers Caroline Caddy, Renee Pettitt-Schipp, Linda Bradbury and Anna Minska in the beautiful new home of Denmark’s much loved Teahouse Books. Festival Ticket required and wine available for purchase.

Story-Telling Yurt

Join story-tellers from far and wide in the magic of our very own Denmark Festival of Voice story-telling yurt. Kids stories, stories from Central Asia, Mongolia, Sudan, Israel and Australia. Stories of healing, of social justice, piracy, adventure and faith. Let our story-tellers weave their spells on you, and take you flying to lands and times afar….. Program includes story-telling for children and adults…

Entry by festival wristband or $10 at the door, if places permit.

The Spoken Word and Story program is supported by Writing WA, and presented in partnership with Teahouse Books and Hallowell Press.

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