2015 Local ‘n’ Vocal

The 2015 Denmark Festival of Voice features the ‘Local ‘n’ Vocal’ project, aiming to draw together as many people from the region as possible in communal song. Inspired by the fabulous joy of the annual Denmark Festival of Voice Big Sing, the project is enticing, persuading, encouraging and seducing people from Denmark and surrounds to come out of the ‘non-singers’ closet, and join together for the sheer joy of it – oh, ok – and the harmony, community cohesion, friendships, heartfulness etc etc…

Expert chorister Rachel Hore, who will also lead this year’s Big Sing visited Denmark in March to start the project rolling. Over 150 people came along to the workshops – people from all walks of life, people who sing regularly and people who’ve never sung in groups before. Getting everyone singing – and singing in harmony – was just a part though. She also had everyone draw outlines of their hand and foot on paper writing inside to finish the sentence ‘I walk…’ and ‘I hold/carry…’. These words formed the basis of a ‘Denmark song’ which Rachel composed and has been transformed into a visual work, which will be hung during the Festival.

In her absence two of our talented choristers – Jude Iddison and Bruce Anthony (you’ll see them both in the Festival) have been keeping the fires boiling. Rachel returned in the week leading into the Festival for final rehearsals and to teach everyone the ‘Denmark song’.

The Local ‘n’ Vocal Public ‘Performance’

This will be held at 1pm on Saturday 30th May – venue is outdoors with covering in case of rain. We have our wonderful Denmark film crew who will be there rain, hail or shine, to turn this event into a YouTube the community can be proud of.

You’re all invited! Come lend your voice and heart to the community of Denmark!

The project also offers a concert during the Festival of some of the highlights of words and harmonies. Local ‘n’ Vocal was funded by the Australia Council for the Arts – the Federal Government’s Arts Advisory Body. We are delighted that they have chosen the project as a Regional Festival’s showcase project and they too will be there, with cameras and crew, to capture the vocal action.