Poco Tutti and The Sisters of Invention

Art is a means of expressing experience, of communicating various aspects of the human condition

Disability art performs the double function of displaying difference but
also of working on non-disabled people’s notions of normality.

Disability art is driven by pride, beauty and the celebration of difference, giving disabled
people a voice, whilst also ensuring their voice is not valorized in the margins.

Founded by Pat Rix in 1997, the 70 strong Tutti Choir is Australia’s first completely inclusive choir and takes its name from the musical term ‘Tutti’, meaning everyone. In 2008 a smaller choir Poco (little) Tutti formed whose singers are leaders within the larger choir.

Since 2007 Tutti has grown into a vibrant multi arts organisation, deeply connected into the disability and mainstream arts worlds of South Australia and beyond. With its strong commitment to access and inclusion, Tutti is passionate about supporting talented disabled artists to develop high quality work for international presentation. One such group is The Sisters of Invention – all long term members of the Tutti Choir. Tutti has also created a number of award winning music-theatre/operatic works with Pat Rix including My Life My love ( 2002 Adelaide Festival), Between the Worlds (Awakenings Festival 2005/Mixed Blood Theatre US 2007), and Northern Lights, Southern Cross (Bundaleer Forest Festival 2007Guthrie Theatre US 2010). Tutti performs regularly in Adelaide and members have performed across Australia and in Vancouver and Minneapolis. Highlights include performances at World Youth Day, United Nations Day and WOMADelaide. The Tutti Choirs are now led by Laura Ellis and Brenton Shaw.

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This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Ministry for the Arts’ Festivals Australia program.





The Sisters of Invention

While breaking a fairy-wand in half and lighting dolls on fire, The Sisters of Invention are making an impact internationally as the world’s first disabled girl band. All in their 20s, the five first sang together in Poco Tutti, who they still sing with. In 2014, they released their debut single This Isn’t Disneyland. Part parody, part rock’n’roll edge, this unexpected and surreal music video subverted the idea of the ‘perfect princess’ and put disability voices and faces firmly in the pop-culture landscape. The music video screened at the UN headquarters in New York. Sombre and sweet, The Sisters epitomise Extraordinary, Inclusive Art.

As lead singer Aimee says “We’re grabbing people’s minds by the tail, swinging it around our heads and throwing it somewhere over Paris.”