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Bukhu Ganburged (solo)/The Giovanni Consort:

Bukhu combines virtuosic Morin Khuur (Horse Head Fiddle) and Khuumii (Harmonic Overtone Throat Singing) skills to transmit the harmony of Mongolian nomads and Shamanic culture through time and space. His music brings a contemporary take on the tradition of Mongolian bards of the middle ages and those of ancient times, acting as a national memory bank by working mythologies, historic figures and events into traditional verse form. Bukhu will be performing over the festival weekend with his band Equus.

Bukhu’s solo performance will be followed by The Giovanni Consort presenting ‘Missa O Magnum Mysterium’ by T.L. de Victoria as well as motets by Victoria, Byrd, Palestrina & Parsons. In the 20 years since The Giovanni Consort was founded the group has become renowned for its exquisite, high-quality performances of unaccompanied choral music ranging from the medieval period to the present day. The Giovanni Consort will be repeating this program during the weekend.


Dangerous Song: Linsey Pollak, Lizzie O’Keefe, Bonnie Jenkins – Multimedia Version – Only Festival Showing:

“Dangerous Song” is a performance piece that combines the human voice with the sounds of endangered and extinct animals to create an intriguing and moving musical performance. This musical journey takes us to a world of sound where the human and the animal combine. This sonic world is mirrored by the visual superimposition of the natural world onto the human using projection. To do this Linsey & Lizzie have worked with Bonnie Jenkins, a photographer who draws inspiration from the combination of nature and the lens, exposing the wonder within. They also commissioned Jenny Pollak to create two of the videos. These moving images from Bonnie and Jenny are projected onto a semi transparent screen which surrounds the two performers. Linsey plays animal calls using a midi wind controller where breath, lip pressure and fingering control real animal call samples. He uses Live looping technology to instantaneously record layers of music as he plays. Lizzie joins him weaving her voice in and out of the musical landscape of animal sounds that Linsey provides.

“Once upon a time there was a planet called Earth. During many millions of years a rich, complex and beautiful ecosystem developed with an incredible variety of lifeforms. Over time one of the animal species in this ecosystem became dominant and their impact on the planet was so massive that many of the other species could no longer survive and became extinct. We take up the story during this extinction period, but the story is not told with words, as words have fallen on too many deaf ears for too long and people have stopped listening.

The story is told through sound, through the voices of the animals themselves that are endangered. These animal calls speak directly to the heart in a way that words cannot. They are joined by one lone human voice, a voice of empathy, using no words but convers- ing and intertwining with the calls of the animals. There is no narrative, we already know most of the story, even if we choose to ignore it and don’t know the ending. So this piece is a song for the Planet, an inter-species choral work, and they’re singing for their lives!

If their calls don’t affect you then nothing will.”



Libby Hammer Jazz Quartet:

Called by many the ‘Queen of Jazz’ Libby Hammer appears in one show only, with her Jazz Quartet, at the Friday night Festival Club, cracking open the Club for the weekend. Don’t miss this one Festival appearance of Libby and her quartet. Free with weekend ticket, otherwise separately ticketed. Please note: concert is in Club which is a non-seated venue. Seats will be provided for those who need – please let us know at time of booking.

Libby Hammer retro mic profile photo by Nik Babic [3748-5 2] web2

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