The Denmark Festival of Voice 2015 Review

Our hearts are moved, our jaws are dropped and our souls still united!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the weekend so very special! Thank you to all the performers singing, playing, reciting and their stories. Thank you to all the wonderful visitors for being and amazing audience to help create the magic. Thank you to all volunteers and their many helping hands. Thank you to the team behind the stage and scenes. Thank you to all the sponsors to help us fulfill the dream. And, of course, a humble thank you to the simply amazing team at Denmark Arts….

“Over the past three decades, I have had the pleasure of performing in countless music festivals throughout Australia. I had however, never attended the Denmark Festival of Voice, until this year. Denmark WA is an exceptional part of Australia and its Festival of Voice is an exceptional music festival. Perfect size, perfect venues, perfect hosts, perfect audiences. I look forward to coming again!” Dr. Riley Lee


Denmark Festival of Voice 2015 Selected Images

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Trikaya ‘…in the between’ Friday Night Special Performance 2015

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Congratulations to all at the Arts Council. Festival Of Voice the Best! Sublime and stunning on so many Levels and simply world-class! Thank you for bringing this Treasure to Denmark and more, it is beyond words – Dr Loretta do Rozario

Firstly, congratulations on a wonderful program, it ran smoothly and seamlessly. Secondly, what a line up – more congratulations are deserved. The variety of acts provided for a wide selection for the participations of the festival. I spent most of my time between St Leonards and the Civic Centre as I was drawn to the more ‘spiritual’ performers (if you could call them that). For me these performances were not only wonderful artists but what they presented was perspective shifting and thought provoking. It broadened and widened my consciousness to the all that is in this life and beyond. Thank you to those who thought and created the opportunity for these artists to be present. Thirdly, all the artists where available for connection and conversation. Fourthly, Although I mostly attended the more ‘spiritual’ performances; because of the depth of acts I was able to attend many other genres of voice. All amazing. Lastly, the availability of the food at the Bamboo Hut was a great idea – loved the Dahl. Overall, thank you for an amazing festival – the best I have attended here in Denmark. It is world class – Shirley Motteram/ Denmark Resident

Moments of euphoria, moments of reflection on how lucky I am to be where I am, moments when I think: if what I’ve seen so far would be all there was, I would be satisfied.The 2015 Denmark Festival of Voice will undoubtedly nestle in my memory as one of the best – Anala Linckens in Denmark Bulletin

Festival a joyful celebration. It seemed like it was the best festival ever as it stretched and expanded into the streets and cafes around town. More than 100 locals sang their way through the SUPA IGA before making their way outside for an open-air concert. World artists brought their music and sacred texts to share with us. In a world so often divided by walls and wars of culture and religion, it was a privilege to experience so many of such moments of connection and joyful celebration together. By Sunday afternoon it seemed as if half the town had a permanent smile on their faces. Thank you again to everyone who took part, and to everyone who worked so hard to make it possible – Neil Riddell in Denmark Bulletin Letters